What is another word for doorkeepers?

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[ dˈɔːkiːpəz], [ dˈɔːkiːpəz], [ d_ˈɔː_k_iː_p_ə_z]

Doorkeepers, also known as gatekeepers or watchmen, are individuals responsible for monitoring entry and exit points to a building or location. Other synonyms for doorkeeper include porter, usher, guardian, monitor, and sentinel. These individuals may have various roles, such as verifying identification, controlling access, or providing security. In religious contexts, doorkeepers may be referred to as gatekeepers or ushers, responsible for welcoming and directing worshippers. In literary contexts, doorkeepers may symbolize the threshold between the mundane and the divine, guarding against unwanted intrusion. Whatever their context, doorkeepers serve an important function in keeping people and spaces safe and secure.

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    How to use "Doorkeepers" in context?

    The doorkeeper is responsible for the security of the door and entrance to a building. The doorkeeper is also responsible for maintaining the facilities and grounds of the building. In the industrialized world, most warehouses and factories employ a doorkeeper to ensure that the entrances are always open and that no one is illegally entering the premises. The doorkeeper can be seen as the guardian of the building.

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