What is another word for doppelganger?

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[ dˈɒpə͡lɡˌaŋə], [ dˈɒpə‍lɡˌaŋə], [ d_ˈɒ_p_əl_ɡ_ˌa_ŋ_ə]

The word doppelganger refers to the appearance of a double or look-alike of a person, representing a psychological or mystical counterpart of an individual. Some alternative terms or synonyms for doppelganger include twin, replica, shadow-self, mirror image, alter ego, counterpart, double, match, copy, and facsimile. These words intend to describe the phenomenon of seeing another person that closely resembles oneself, or a seemingly identical entity that appears in a dream or hallucination. Doppelganger myths have been prevalent across different cultures, providing a rich field of references for literature, art, film, and popular culture. Whether seen as a fascinating curiosity or a source of anxiety, the concept of doppelganger remains an intriguing subject.

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    Doppelgängers are people who look alike, but have different personalities. They can be friends or family members, and often feel confused or even scared by their resemblance.

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