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Doura is a type of cereal grain grown primarily in Africa and South America. It is also known as sorghum or milo in some regions. The name sorghum is derived from the Italian word sorgho, while milo is named after the grain's seed head, which resembles a millet seed. In addition to doura, other synonyms for this grain include jowar, great millet, and shallu. Jowar is a Hindi term commonly used in India, while great millet is descriptive of the large size of the grain. Shallu is a term used in Ethiopia, where it is a staple food crop. Regardless of the term used, doura has become an increasingly popular ingredient due to its gluten-free properties and health benefits.

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    The doura grapes are thought to be among the oldest cultivated grapes in the world. They are believed to have originated in the Caucasus region and were rumored to have been brought to Syria by the Assyrians. Today, they are found primarily in Syria, Israel, and Lebanon. The doura grapes are a dark purple color and have a sweet, syrupy flavor.

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