What is another word for Dragooned?

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[ dɹaɡˈuːnd], [ dɹaɡˈuːnd], [ d_ɹ_a_ɡ_ˈuː_n_d]

Dragooned refers to being coerced or forced into doing something through the use of threats, pressure, or intimidation. Synonyms for dragooned include bullied, pushed, intimidated, browbeaten, threatened, and persuaded. Other similar words and phrases include strong-armed, compelled, obliged, pressurized, railroaded, and cajoled. These words describe an individual who is being manipulated or pushed into an action against their will, often through the use of force or fear. Although these words vary in their degree of strength, they all convey the same idea of being compelled to do something unwillingly, whether it be by physical force or emotional manipulation.

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How to use "Dragooned" in context?

Dragooning was the practice of using trained horses to haul heavy armor or siege engines over long distances. The term is often applied to the mounted knights of the Middle Ages, although it was also used for other types of cavalry.

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