What is another word for dressing gowns?

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Dressing gowns, also known as housecoats or bathrobes, are an essential item in any fashionable or comfortable wardrobe. It is a loose, robe-like garment worn over nightwear or regular clothing. The word "dressing gown" has several synonyms, each with its unique twist. For instance, a morning gown is a more elegant, feminine option, whereas a smoking jacket is a formal, tailored garment. A housecoat may be cozy, made of soft cotton, and ideal for lazy mornings at home. A bathrobe is more absorbent and useful for after the shower or bath-time. No matter the synonym, dressing gowns remain a timeless classic worth having in any closet.

How to use "Dressing gowns" in context?

What is a dressing gown?

A dressing gown is a robe-type garment that is typically worn to bed as a coverlet or nightgown. Created as a general-purpose garment to wear outdoors, most dressing gowns today are designed to be worn indoors as a comfortable nightgown. When necessary, dressing gowns can also be used as a general-purpose robe.

How did dressing gowns evolve?

The history of dressing gowns is a long and winding one. Originally, dressing gowns were meant to be worn as a clothing item outdoors.

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