What is another word for drub?

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Drub is a verb that refers to beating someone thoroughly in a fight or a contest. There are several synonyms to the term drub, and some of them include thrash, whip, trounce, hammer, and defeat. Other synonyms of drub include wallop, pummel, flatten, rout, vanquish, and conquer. Each of these words suggests a different feeling and severity of the beating delivered to the opponent. The words defeat, vanquish, and conquer imply a sense of a total victory over the other person, while wallop and pummel suggest a quick and brutal beating. In contrast, thrash and trounce suggest more prolonged punishment, while hammer and rout suggest an overwhelming triumph over an opponent.

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    The word "drub" is derived from the Middle English word "druben" meaning to throttle or to give a severe beating. It appears as early as 1275 in the form "drubie". In modern English, "drub" can mean to thrash, to punish severely, or to combat vigorously.

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