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Drums have been an integral part of music across cultures and genres since ancient times. Though the word 'drum' itself is synonymous with percussive instruments of different sizes and shapes, there are several other terms used to describe a drum. One of the most commonly used synonyms is 'percussion.' Other words that can be used interchangeably with drum are 'snare,' 'timpani,' 'bongo,' 'conga,' 'tabla,' 'maracas,' and 'tambourine.' The diversity of terms reflects the broad range of drums used in music today. Whatever the name, the rhythm and beat of drums continue to captivate and energize music enthusiasts worldwide.

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    Drums are an ancient instrument that is still used today. They are percussion instruments that are usually made of wood or bone, and they usually have a hollow chamber that is struck with a beater. The beater makes a sound that is often used to accompany music.

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