What is another word for drum?

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[ d_ɹ_ˈʌ_m], [ dɹˈʌm], [ dɹˈʌm]

Synonyms for Drum:

cask (noun) container (noun) cylinder (noun) musical instrument (noun) rumble (noun) rumble (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Drum:

  1. mum, chum, numb, hum, plum, bum, sum, dumb, crumb, from, thumb, slum, strum, gum, plumb, come, scum, glum, rum, some;
  2. alum, succumb, become;

Quotes for Drum:

  1. Just the same way I'd say a prayer before going onstage, taking that even further and using the drum to inspire people. And using that as a vehicle for the intention. Rick Allen.
  2. I never pursued Hollywood banging my drum because I was never in a film big enough to do that. Armand Assante.
  3. Once at the White House I was asked to conduct the Drum and Bugle Corp. The man just handed me the baton and I finished the song. It was great. I got to keep the baton. Dom DeLuise.

Idioms of Drum:

  1. drum sth into sm;
  2. drum up sth;
  3. beat the drum for;

Adjectives for Drum:

  • rough and craggy,
  • more and more,
  • rough,
  • more,
  • rear view longitudinal,
  • worthy adjutant-general,
  • comparatively long or short,
  • comparatively long,
  • poor dear,
  • short,
  • simply listless and disinterested,
  • simply listless,
  • disinterested.