What is another word for due to?

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[ djˈuː tuː], [ djˈuː tuː], [ d_j_ˈuː t_uː]

Due to is a commonly used phrase in English to indicate causality or attribution to a certain reason or circumstance. However, there are several other synonyms that you can use instead of due to such as owing to, as a consequence of, resulting from, caused by, on account of, caused by, and thanks to. Owing to is often used to mean the same as due to, and both phrases can be interchangeable in many contexts. As a consequence of and resulting from are used to indicate the after-effects of a situation or event. Caused by and on account of are used to indicate responsibility, and thanks to is used to indicate gratitude or praise. Varying your language can make your writing more interesting and engaging.

Synonyms for Due to:

How to use "Due to" in context?

Due to the overwhelming response to my last article, I am writing another one. In this piece, I will be discussing the use of due to.

Due to is used to introduce a reason or explanation for a past action. It is often used in conjunction with a past action. For example, John was due to leave for work at 6am, but he didn't arrive at the office until 7am. This means that John was not able to complete his work duties as he was supposed to.

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