What is another word for dumbfound?

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Dumbfound is a unique and interesting word that can sometimes be difficult to express in other terms. However, if you are searching for synonyms to help you convey a feeling of amazement or confusion, there are a few great options to choose from. Some possible synonyms that can be used in place of dumbfound include astonish, astound, bewilder, blow away, boggle, confound, flabbergast, floor, shock, startle, stun and surprise. All of these words carry a similar meaning and can help you more accurately capture the feeling of being stunned or amazed by something unexpected or complex. So, choose the synonym that suits best in your context and make your writing more expressive.

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How to use "Dumbfound" in context?

To the uninitiated, the word "dumbfound" might conjure up the image of someone who is not particularly bright, but nonetheless manages to find their way around. In fact, the word is derived from the Old English verb dumban, which means "to confound, puzzle, or bewilder". Interestingly, the word's original meaning has not changed much over the years.

This is particularly noticeable when one considers that the word was first documented in print in 1624.

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