What is another word for DUMBO?

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[ dˈʌmə͡ʊ], [ dˈʌmə‍ʊ], [ d_ˈʌ_m_əʊ]

Synonyms for Dumbo:

How to use "DUMBO" in context?

The name "DUMBO" originates from an actual place - the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo. The area was once a rural area with a Copenhagen merchant named J.C. Crysler establishing a tobacco factory on the waterfront in 1845. The factory produced cigar wrappers and other tobacco products, and it became known as the "Tobacco District".

Around 1912, the employees of the tobacco factory started calling the area "Dumbo", due to the large number of elephants exhibited at the nearby Brooklyn Elephant Park. The name quickly spread to the surrounding neighborhoods, and ultimately became associated with the area.

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