What is another word for dunderhead?

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[ dˈʌndəhˌɛd], [ dˈʌndəhˌɛd], [ d_ˈʌ_n_d_ə_h_ˌɛ_d]

Dunderhead is a term used to describe someone who is foolish or unintelligent. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of this word to convey the same meaning. For instance, 'idiot', 'nitwit', 'dimwit', 'dolt', and 'moron' are all excellent substitutes for dunderhead. Additionally, one could use the word 'simpleton' to highlight the lack of intelligence of a person. Other apt synonyms include 'blockhead', 'clod', 'numskull' and 'bonehead'. These words are apt for describing someone who is foolish and devoid of reasoning abilities. Therefore, if you need to express disappointment or disapproval towards someone's reasoning, use one of these synonyms in place of 'dunderhead' to communicate more effectively.

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    How to use "Dunderhead" in context?

    A dunderhead is someone who is very unintelligent. This is often shown by their Actions, which are often not in the best interests of themselves or others.

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