What is another word for dung beetle?

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The dung beetle, also known as "scarab beetle", is a fascinating insect that feeds on animal feces and helps maintain the balance of ecosystems. Other synonyms used to describe these beetles include "coprophagous beetles" and "carrion beetles", as they are frequently found near decaying matter. In certain parts of the world, dung beetles are referred to as "rollers" due to their habit of shaping animal droppings into balls before rolling them away to be used as food or to bury their eggs. Additionally, some cultures refer to these beetles as "sacred scarabs", as they were worshiped in ancient Egyptian times for their connection to the sun god, Khepri.

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    How to use "Dung beetle" in context?

    Dung beetles are one of the many fascinating creatures that lives in the world. These beetles use dung as their main food source and they play an important role in the ecosystem by removing waste from the area.

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