What is another word for during the interval?

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[ djˈʊ͡əɹɪŋ ðɪ ˈɪntəvə͡l], [ djˈʊ‍əɹɪŋ ðɪ ˈɪntəvə‍l], [ d_j_ˈʊə_ɹ_ɪ_ŋ ð_ɪ_ ˈɪ_n_t_ə_v_əl]

During the interval, there are many ways to describe this period of time. Synonyms for "during the interval" include "in-between," "intermission," "between acts," "half-time," and "interval break." Each of these phrases can be used to describe the time between two different events or activities. For example, "in-between" can be used to describe the time between classes or meetings. "Intermission" and "between acts" are commonly used to describe the break between different parts of a performance or show. "Half-time" is used in sports to describe the break between two halves of a game, and "interval break" is used in music to describe the break between different sets.

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How to use "During the interval" in context?

"during the interval" is a play by American playwright Lyle Kessler. It originally premiered at the Wooster Group Theatre in New York City in 1982.

The play is about three couples who are stuck in a dead-end relationship. John, a widower, is trying to cope with his new life as a single father. His wife died a few years earlier in a car accident. Brenda, John's ex-wife, is married to Howard, a complacent and self-centered guy who stays home all day. Rose, John's new girlfriend, is an artist trying to start a new life.

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