What is another word for durra?

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Durra is an ancient grain crop that is also referred to as sorghum or milo. In different parts of the world, durra has a range of names, including jowar, kafir corn or Guinea corn. It is a staple food in many African countries and is also grown in the Americas and Asia. The word "sorghum" is often used interchangeably with durra, particularly in the United States, while "milo" is commonly used in parts of India and the Middle East. Other synonyms for durra include great millet, Indian millet and African millet. Whatever its name, durra has sustained millions of people for centuries and remains an important nutritional crop for global food security.

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    Durra is one of the most important and valuable commodities in the global food market. Durra is a type of semolina, whole-grain wheat flour that is ground into a flour. Durra flour is milled from whole durra wheat and has a slightly different taste and texture than wheat flour. Durra is used in a variety of baking and cooking applications, including breads, cakes, pastries and pizza dough. Durra is also used as a thickening agent in sauces, enriched pastas and curries.

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