What is another word for dusky?

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Dusky is a word used to describe something that is slightly dark in color or dimly lit. There are several synonyms for the word dusky, including shadowy, murky, dim, somber, gloomy, and obscure. These words convey a sense of darkness or low light, which can be used to describe anything from a shadowy room to a dreary day. Additionally, these words can be used to describe the mood or atmosphere of a place, such as a dusky forest or a somber cathedral. Choosing the right synonym for dusky depends on the context of the sentence and the intended tone or mood of the writing.

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How to use "Dusky" in context?

Dusky is a grayish brown color that has a slight reddish tinge. It is the color of a moonrise, and it is popularly used to describe the color of someone's skin. Dusky is the color of the sky just after dawn or just before sunset.

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