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Eager is a word that connotes excitement and enthusiasm. There are several synonyms to this adjective, such as enthusiastic, keen, and zealous. Other words that have a similar meaning to eager are impassioned, fervent, and ardent, which all suggest a strong feeling of eagerness. One can also use the words enthusiastic or excited when describing someone's eagerness. Some other synonyms of eager include motivated, animated, and determined. Eager can also be replaced with the words eager-beaver, high-strung or wired, which connote a very intense level of eagerness. Choosing the right synonym to use will depend on the context, but all these words are great options to express one's enthusiasm and eagerness.

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    Eager is a keyword in Scala. When you declare a variable to be eager, it means that the variable will not be assigned until it is referenced. This ensures that during execution, the variable will only be used when it is actually needed. This can be a performance boost if the variable is only used once.

    In practice, declaring variables to be eager is not always necessary. Scala has a rich syntactic sugar that allows you to write read-only variables without having to use the eager keyword. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to know how to use eager variable when necessary.

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