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Synonyms for the word "edgy" vary in meaning and context. The term "nervous" is often used to describe someone who is uneasy or anxious and is sensitive to stimuli. On the other hand, the word "tense" refers to someone who is highly strung and reactive. Similarly, "jittery" is used to describe someone who is nervous and anxious. "Irritable" refers to someone who is easily annoyed or angered. Someone who is "on edge" may be highly reactive and easily agitated. "Wired" suggests a feeling of being overly excited or restless. The term "outre" implies a sense of daring or unconventional behaviour, while "eccentric" suggests someone who is out of the ordinary.

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    There is no one answer to what makes something edgy. For some, it might be the rebellious streak or the sense of danger that comes with being off-beat. But, whatever it is that sets something edgy apart, it has the ability to appeal to a significant number of people. And, when it comes to fashion, that means that edgy fashion can be incredibly popular.

    One of the best examples of this is clothing that is inspired by punk rock. Punk rock is known for its DIY ethic and its irreverent attitude. This is reflected in the clothing that is worn by punk rockers.

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