What is another word for effected?

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Effected is a commonly used word, but there are synonyms that can be used for variety and to add flavor to one's vocabulary. Some synonyms for "effected" could be "accomplished," meaning successfully completing a task or goal. Alternatively, "implemented" can convey the idea of putting a plan or idea into action. "Realized" can be used to indicate successful completion of a dream or aspiration, while "executed" suggests the effective and precise completion of a task. Overall, incorporating these synonyms can enhance one's language and improve written and spoken communication skills.

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How to use "Effected" in context?

When you are affected, you feel the effects of an event. The word "affect" is derived from the Old English affecten, meaning "to touch, affect, move, or cause to be stirred." The word has been used in English since the 12th century and has come to have a number of different meanings. To some people, "affected" means to be disturbed or upset by something. To others, it means to show a reaction to something. Affected can also refer to how something looks, sounds, or feels.

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