What is another word for egoism?

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Egoism is a complex psychological concept that refers to excessive self-absorption and selfishness. It is a negative trait that can hinder personal growth and social relationships. To describe egoism in different ways, there are several synonyms such as self-centeredness, self-obsession, narcissism, conceit, self-importance, vanity, and egocentricity. These words convey the idea of an individual engaging in acts that solely benefit oneself and disregarding the needs and desires of others. Synonyms for egoism can also include words like individualism, self-reliance, and self-interest, but they may not necessarily have the same negative connotation as other synonyms. It is important to recognize egoism in ourselves, so we can take steps towards becoming more empathetic, compassionate, and other-centered.

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Egoism is the belief that only oneself is worthy of concern and that one's own interests always trump others. Egoism can be destructive, as it can lead to selfishness and a lack of consideration for others. It can also be self- reinforcing, as people who behave egoistically may believe that they are getting what they want and that others are benefiting from their actions.

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