What is another word for eighty?

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Eighty is the number that comes after seventy-nine and before eighty-one. There are several synonyms for the word eighty such as fourscore, octogenarian, and eight dozen. Fourscore is an old-fashioned way of saying eighty and is often used in literature and historical documents. Octogenarian refers to a person who is in their eighties in terms of age. And finally, eight dozen is a way of expressing eighty in terms of units, where each dozen has twelve units. Other synonyms for eighty include 4 times 20 and 2 to the power of 4 times 5. By using synonyms for the word eighty you can give variety to your writing and speech.

How to use "Eighty" in context?

Eighty may seem like an age old number, but it is only since the 20th century that it has been used as a symbol for old age. Originally, eighty was used to represent 80 years of age, as this was the age at which a person could purchase citizenship in most countries. Today, eighty is often seen as the age at which one reaches retirement. In China, for example, eighty is often seen as the age at which a person should retire. Because of this, many Chinese people celebrate their 80th birthday with a big party.

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