What is another word for elite?

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Elite is a synonym for prestige, select, high society, upper crust, aristocracy, and top class. These words denote a group of people who are regarded as being superior to others in terms of social status, wealth, or education. The term elite can also refer to a select group of people who have been chosen based on their skills, abilities, or achievements. Other synonyms for elite include privileged, distinguished, renowned, and celebrated. The concept of elitism is often associated with exclusive clubs, high-end restaurants, and other exclusive establishments that cater only to the wealthy and influential. However, the term can also be applied to talented individuals who are the very best in their respective fields.

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    The so-called "elite" are a select group of people who, whether by chance or design, have been able to carve out a life for themselves in which they enjoy greater privilege, power, and wealth than the vast majority of people. This privileged status is felt not just by those at the top of the food chain but by people who occupy positions of prestige and influence in the business world, the arts, academia, and other fields.

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