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Elliptic is a term used to describe shapes that are oval or egg-shaped. Some synonyms for elliptic include oval, oblong, round, egg-shaped, and ovoid. These terms can be used interchangeably to describe various objects or shapes, such as planets, galaxies, or even an ellipse. An ellipse is a flattened circle or an oval, and the term elliptic is often used to describe this particular shape. Whether it's in mathematics, architecture, or nature, elliptic shapes are ubiquitous, and these synonyms provide other descriptors to add nuance and variety to our language.

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The elliptic curve is a mathematical curve that is characterized by the property that the curve is locally concave up to points and globally concave down to points. More specifically, the curve is said to be elliptic if at any two points on the curve there exists a line segment connecting them that is neither parallel nor perpendicular to the curve at those points.

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