What is another word for elucidative?

Pronunciation: [ɪlˈuːsɪdətˌɪv] (IPA)

The term "elucidative" refers to something that makes clear or understandable. Some synonyms for this word include explanatory, illuminating, clarifying, elucidating, insightful, informative, instructive, revelatory, and educational. Each of these words conveys the idea of providing greater understanding or knowledge about a subject or topic. They signify a desire to enlighten or shed light on something that may be difficult to comprehend. Whether used in a scholarly, scientific, or everyday context, these synonyms can help to improve communication and facilitate greater understanding between people. Therefore, having a rich vocabulary of terms that all convey a similar idea can be valuable when seeking to convey meaning in an impactful way.

What are the hypernyms for Elucidative?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for elucidative?

Elucidative, which means clarifying or explaining, has several antonyms that convey the opposite meaning. One of the most common antonyms is obscure, which means unclear or hard to understand. Another antonym is vague, which implies a lack of clarity or specificity. Ambiguous, which means having multiple possible meanings, is also an antonym of elucidative. Confusing, perplexing, and convoluted are other antonyms that suggest a lack of clarity or understanding. On the other hand, synonymic antonyms of elucidative are obscure and enigmatic. Therefore, it's essential to consider the antonyms of a word to understand its meaning better and use it appropriately in communication.

What are the antonyms for Elucidative?

Usage examples for Elucidative

There is incidentally a quantity of autobiographic record in my notes to this manuscript; but except as subsidiary and elucidative of the text I put no value on such.
"The Life of Froude"
Herbert Paul

Famous quotes with Elucidative

  • In looking at this wreck of Governments in all European countries, there is one consideration that suggests itself, sadly elucidative of our modern epoch. These Governments, we may be well assured, have gone to anarchy for this one reason inclusive of every other whatsoever, That they were not wise enough; that the spiritual talent embarked in them, the virtue, heroism, intellect, or by whatever other synonyms we designate it, was not adequate,—probably had long been inadequate, and so in its dim helplessness had suffered, or perhaps invited falsity to introduce itself; had suffered injustices, and solecisms, and contradictions of the Divine Fact, to accumulate in more than tolerable measure; whereupon said Governments were overset, and declared before all creatures to be too false.
    Thomas Carlyle

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