What is another word for emanate?

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Emanate is an intriguing word that describes an object or an idea flowing out from its source. Its synonyms give a clearer picture of its meaning and help in better understanding the context. Synonyms for Emanate include radiate, emit, diffuse, exude, project, spring, flow, discharge, pour, and issue. Radiate describes the outwardly spreading of something from a source, like heat or light. Emit pertains to something being released or discharged entirely from a gland or duct. Diffuse suggests something is being spread over an area, without a clearcut path. Exude implies a natural flow of something out of a source, like a smell. Issue is the continuous flow of something through a restricted opening.

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    The verb "emanate" means "to emit from a source." The noun form is "emanation." emanation usually refers to the release of gas, vapor, or heat. For example, when steam emanates from a boiling pot, the steam is releasing boiling water vapor and hot air.

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