What is another word for emasculate?

Pronunciation: [ɪmˈaskjʊlˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Emasculate is a term that refers to the stripping of masculine traits or identity. There are several synonyms for this term, including weaken, debilitate, castrate, demasculinize, and effeminate. These words carry similar meanings and are often used to describe situations where a person is made to feel less masculine or powerful. For instance, when a man is made to feel powerless or submissive in a situation, he may be described as feeling emasculated. Similarly, when a person's self-confidence is undermined or their authority is challenged, they may be referred to using any of these synonyms. Overall, these words are used to describe situations where someone or something has been robbed of their masculinity and power.

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What are the opposite words for emasculate?

The word "emasculate" refers to the act of depriving someone of their masculinity or strength. Some possible antonyms for this term could include "empower," "strengthen," "invigorate," "fortify," "bolster," "energize," "encourage," or "inspire." These words suggest the opposite of weakness or vulnerability, and instead convey a sense of resilience, confidence, and empowerment. By using these antonyms instead of "emasculate," we can highlight the importance of building up and supporting one another, rather than tearing each other down or belittling each other's strengths. These words can inspire us to be kinder, more supportive, and more inclusive, even in moments of disagreement or conflict.

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Usage examples for Emasculate

To attempt to manufacture beauty is as vain as to attempt to manufacture truth; and to give it to us in poems or any form of art, without a lion of some sort, a lion of truth or fitness or power, is to emasculate it and destroy its volition.
"Birds and Poets"
John Burroughs
Needless to say, no faithful translator will emasculate his author by expurgation, and the reader will here find Aristophanes' Comedies as Aristophanes wrote them, not as Mrs. Grundy might wish him to have written them.
"The Eleven Comedies"
Aristophanes et al
What mattered, too, that corrupt and emasculate bourgeoisie, nowadays as moribund as the aristocracy, whose place it took, if behind it there ever came the inexhaustible reserve of men who surged up from the masses of the country-sides and the towns!
"Paris From the "Three Cities""
Emile Zola

Famous quotes with Emasculate

  • Men everywhere yearn for the collapse of this current mode of civilization that, as an inevitable consequence of its design, must devalue and emasculate them. Apocalyptic fantasies are a particularly male preoccupation. More and more men are focusing on survivalism and preparedness to give themselves a sense of purpose in a world that doesn't need or want them to be strong, courageous or prepared for anything.
    Jack Donovan

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