What is another word for eminently?

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[ ˈɛmɪnəntli], [ ˈɛmɪnəntli], [ ˈɛ_m_ɪ_n_ə_n_t_l_i]

Eminently refers to something that deserves attention or admiration due to its noteworthy qualities. However, there are various synonyms for eminently that you can use to enhance your vocabulary and make your writing more impressive. Among the alternatives include remarkably, conspicuously, extraordinarily, outstandingly, exceptionally, marvelously, impressively, and supremely. Each of these synonyms portrays a slightly different aspect of superiority, yet all have a similar connotation to eminently. Using these synonyms interchangeably can add depth, texture, and variety to your writing, making it lively and engaging to your readers. So next time you feel repetitive or want to add some variation, consider adding one of these synonyms to your composition.

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How to use "Eminently" in context?

Eminence is an extremely important characteristic for any leader, regardless of their position. It is the principle of being distinguished or eminent because of high quality or reputation. Essentially, eminent people are those who are perceived to be of high quality, and are respected for their abilities. For leaders, it is important to be eminent for the right reasons. Being eminent for personal gain or power is not respectable, and can ultimately harm a leader's credibility and impact. Leaders must maintain their eminence for the right reasons, and should focus on delivering quality outcomes for their constituents.

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