What is another word for empennage?

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Empennage is a term that refers to the tail part of an aircraft or a rocket. It is also commonly known as the tail assembly. When referring to an aircraft, the empennage comprises a combination of surfaces, including the horizontal stabilizer, vertical stabilizer, and rudder. These surfaces provide balance and stability to an aircraft, enabling it to maintain a smooth flight. Synonyms for the word empennage include tail section, tail assembly, tail unit, tailplane, and vertical stabilizer. These alternative terms are often used interchangeably with empennage in the aviation and aerospace industries. Regardless of the word used, the empennage remains an essential part of any aircraft or rocket.

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    How to use "Empennage" in context?

    The empennage is the aftmost part of the aircraft, just behind the cockpit. The purpose of the empennage is to provide balance and lift to the aircraft, and is composed of the tailfin, tail assembly, and horizontal stabilizers.

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