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The term "employment" can be used to describe someone's occupation or job status. It is often used interchangeably with "work," "job," "career," or "occupation." Other synonyms include "employment position," "employment opportunity," "position," "appointment," and "engagement." "Occupancy," "profession," and "vocation" are also commonly used synonyms for "employment." In addition, "service," "assistance," "labor," and "workforce" can be used to describe the act of being employed. Similarly, "hiring," "recruitment," and "staffing" can be used to describe the process of finding and bringing on new employees. No matter which word you choose, having gainful employment is important for individuals to support themselves and their families.

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Employment offers endless opportunities for advancement and personal growth. It is always important to be aware of the latest job trends in order to find the right position or career path. United States Census Bureau data shows that the majority of workers in the United States are employed in hourly wage jobs. Nearly two-thirds of all workers are paid hourly wages, and this proportion continues to grow. A wide variety of positions are available in the United States, including agricultural, health care, technical, computing, and administrative support occupations.

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