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Enamelled is a term used to describe a surface covered with a thin layer of glass or enamel. The word is commonly used in reference to kitchen equipment such as pots, pans and trays. There are a number of synonyms that can be used in place of enamelled, including glazed, coated, covered, and varnished. Glazed refers to a surface that has been covered with a glossy finish, while coated implies that a protective layer has been added to the surface. Covered suggests that something has been placed over the surface to protect it, and varnished is a term commonly used in the context of furniture restoration. All of these terms can be used as alternative to enamelled to describe the process of adding a protective surface to an object.

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    Authorities have warned of the dangers of buying and using illicit drugs, especially when it comes to acid.

    This is because acid can cause serious personal injury, as well as property damage.

    Enamelled acid refers to drugs that have been made to look like the drugs that are sold on the street.

    The drugs are often more expensive, and are therefore more attractive to buyers.

    However, the street drugs are not always of a high quality, and they may contain other dangerous substances.

    Enamelled acid is also becoming more popular because it is easier to regulate than illicit drugs.

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