What is another word for endorser?

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When looking for synonyms for the word "endorser", there are several options to choose from. One possible alternative is "sponsor", which refers to someone who provides financial or other support for a particular event or activity. Another option is "advocate", which suggests someone who actively promotes or supports a particular cause or viewpoint. A third possibility is "champion", which connotes someone who is particularly committed to a cause or idea, and who works tirelessly to promote it. Other possible synonyms for "endorser" include "backer", "supporter", "promoter", and "proponent", all of which suggest someone who is willing to lend their name and support to a particular cause or activity.

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    How to use "Endorser" in context?

    An endorser is someone who endorses a product or service. An endorser is a spokesperson for a product or service and is often considered an expert on the product or service. Endorsement can take many forms, such as print, television, or radio advertising, or a personal endorsement by a celebrity.

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