What is another word for endorsers?

Pronunciation: [ɛndˈɔːsəz] (IPA)

Endorsers are those individuals or organizations who lend their support or approval to a particular product, service, or cause. Synonyms for the word endorsers include advocates, backers, supporters, champions, promoters, spokespersons, allies, partners, evangelists, patrons, and sponsors. These are all terms that describe individuals or groups who are convinced of the merit or value of a particular offering and are willing to publicly proclaim their support for it. Whether it is a celebrity endorsing a product, a business partnering with an organization, or an individual advocating for a cause, endorsers play a vital role in building awareness, credibility, and trust in today's highly competitive market.

What are the opposite words for endorsers?

The word "endorsers" refers to individuals or organizations that support or promote a particular idea, product, or service. The opposite of endorsers can be described as disapprovers or critics. Disapprovers indicate opposition or dissent to a particular idea, product or service. Critics evaluate and criticize the flaws or shortcomings of the idea, product, or service. Other antonyms of endorsers can include protesters, dissenters, or protestors, who may take a stand against the idea, product or service. Opposers and detractors may also indicate disagreement or opposition to the endorsed notion. Hence, while endorsers support or promote, antonyms such as disapprovers, detractors, or protesters, express dissenting opinions or critical appraisals of the endorsed idea, product or service.

What are the antonyms for Endorsers?

Usage examples for Endorsers

The endorsers are no longer liable."
"The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte"
Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
National Intelligencer, Jan 24, 1806. These witnesses need no vouchers to entitle them to credit; nor their testimony comments to make it intelligible-their names are their endorsers and their strong words their own interpreters.
"The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus"
American Anti-Slavery Society
If an indorsed note changes hands, each indorser is responsible to all endorsers who follow him and also to the last holder of the note.
"Business Hints for Men and Women"
Alfred Rochefort Calhoun

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