What is another word for enforces?

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[ ɛnfˈɔːsɪz], [ ɛnfˈɔːsɪz], [ ɛ_n_f_ˈɔː_s_ɪ_z]

Enforcing can have various synonyms that can help you diversify your vocabulary and use it in writing or daily conversations. Synonyms for enforce include implement, apply, impose, execute, carry out, administer, establish, compel, demand, require, mandate, etc. These synonyms convey the meaning of enforcing or enforcing rules, laws, orders, or regulations. Therefore, instead of repeatedly using the word 'enforce,' changing it to one of its synonyms makes your language more precise and engaging. By employing synonyms, you'll find your writing more articulate and sophisticated, and you can effectively convey your intended message to the reader.

How to use "Enforces" in context?

"enforces" is a word that refers to an action or policy that is used to make sure a rule is followed or a situation is handled in a specific way. Enforcing can be done by a variety of different groups, including the police, the government, or businesses. Enforcement can be used to ensure a safe environment, to maintain order, or to protect the rights of others.

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