What is another word for enigmatic?

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When something is enigmatic, it is intriguingly mysterious or difficult to understand. Synonyms that closely match this usage include elusive, inscrutable, and perplexing. Similarly, enigmatic can be used to describe someone who is puzzling or difficult to know, for which synonyms might include cryptic, incomprehensible, or unfathomable. Other related words include enigmatical, which is synonymous with enigmatic, and mysterious, which can indicate an element of intrigue or bafflement. Finally, the word enigma itself is often used as a synonym for something that is enigmatic, as it refers to a puzzling or mysterious situation or person.

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There is something decidedly enigmatic about Nikola Tesla. Despite the fact that he lived a relatively short life, his innovations and theories have reverberated through history and continue to do so. This is largely due to his elusiveness - he refused to give interviews or even sign autographs - and the fact that much of what is known about him is conjecture.

Born in 1856 in Croatia, Tesla became a celebrated inventor and scientist, most famous for his work in electricity and magnetism. He developed the Tesla coil and the Tesla motor, and is also credited with pioneering modern radio technology.

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