What is another word for enlargements?

Pronunciation: [ɛnlˈɑːd͡ʒmənts] (IPA)

Enlargements is a word that refers to the process of making something bigger or stretching something out. Synonyms for this word vary depending on the context in which it is used. For example, in a medical context, synonyms for enlargements could include growth, swelling, or inflammation. In photography, enlargements could be referred to as blow-ups, prints, or posters. In the context of architecture or construction, enlargements could be known as extensions, additions, or expansions. In the context of business, enlargements could refer to growth, expansion, or diversification. Overall, the synonyms for enlargements demonstrate the versatility of the word and its varied applications across different fields.

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What are the hypernyms for Enlargements?

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Usage examples for Enlargements

Photographs of the Teton Mountains and the surrounding country in all sizes and styles, as well as hand-painted enlargements, paintings, moving pictures, and souvenir postcards, are on sale.
"Grand Teton [Wyoming] National Park"
United States Dept. of the Interior
He would "recommend" to his company that the present depot at Snake's Fall, with certain enlargements, and the private line to be built by the Bude and Sideley Coal people, were all that was sufficient to serve the public, and, through his judicious purchase of sites in the old township, a far more profitable enterprise for them than the new township could offer.
"The Son of his Father"
Ridgwell Cullum
The variations in the number of spaces in different copies may quite as well be due to a mixing of quires as to successive enlargements of the plan, and the fact that more copies of the engravings have survived apart from than with the book draws attention once more to the difficulty found in printing these incised plates to accompany letterpress printed from type standing in relief.
"Fine Books"
Alfred W. Pollard

Famous quotes with Enlargements

  • The Cape Town is considerably increased within the last eight years. Its respectability with regard to strength has kept pace with its other enlargements and rendered it very secure against any attempt which is not made with considerable force.
    William Bligh
  • Enormous enlargements of an object or a fragment give it a personality it never had before, and in this way, it can become a vehicle of entirely new lyric and plastic power.
    Fernand Leger
  • And all who told it added something new, and all who heard it, made enlargements too.
    Alexander Pope
  • And all who told it added something new, And all who heard it made enlargements too.
    Alexander Pope
  • Threaten the balances of justice and you threaten the potential enlargements of mind and soul. Therefore justice is part of the safeguarding of the heart.
    B. W. Powe

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