What is another word for enstasis?


[ ɛnstˈasiz], [ ɛnstˈasiz], [ ɛ_n_s_t_ˈa_s_i_z]

Synonyms for Enstasis:

How to use "Enstasis" in context?

As a student, it can be hard to find a comfortable position to sit or stand in. enstasis, or the feeling of equilibrium, can help to alleviate this problem. When someone is in an equilibrium position, they are stable and can maintain their position despite external forces. There are a number of ways to achieve enstasis, but the most common is through use of static weightlifting techniques. By using static weightlifting techniques, a person can learn how to maintain a stable position even when subjected to external forces. This can be helpful for various activities, such as sitting at a desk or using a computer.

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