What is another word for entangle?

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Entangle is a verb that means to get caught up in something, whether it's physical or metaphorical. Some synonyms for entangle include entwine, ensnare, tangle, ensnarl, complicate, enmesh, implicate, and snarl. These words can be used to describe situations where a person becomes involved in something that they can't easily extract themselves from. For example, a person could become entangled in a web of lies or become ensnared in a complicated plot. Entangle can also refer to physical situations, such as a person's hair becoming tangled in a brush or a rope becoming snarled. By using synonyms for entangle, a writer can add variety and nuance to their descriptions and help them avoid repetition.

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How to use "Entangle" in context?

In the vernacular, "to entangle" means to get caught up in something. This phenomenon can be seen in everyday life, as when tying your shoe strings too tightly causes them to tangle. It can also be seen in the natural world, as when a downed tree's tangled roots cause the surrounding earth to be undulated. Matters of life and death can also be attributed to entanglement, as when a victim is entangled in metallic wire, wiring duct tape, or a fishing net. The physics of entanglement dictate that the more objects are linked together, the more difficult it becomes to untangle them.

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