What is another word for enterprisingly?

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[ ˈɛntəpɹˌa͡ɪzɪŋlɪ], [ ˈɛntəpɹˌa‍ɪzɪŋlɪ], [ ˈɛ_n_t_ə_p_ɹ_ˌaɪ_z_ɪ_ŋ_l_ɪ]

Enterprisingly is an adjective that describes someone who is adventurous, resourceful, or daring. There are several other words that can be used to convey similar meanings, such as ingeniously, innovatively, creatively, and imaginatively. Someone who is enterprising might also be described as intrepid, bold, or audacious in their approach to problem-solving or pursuing their goals. They may also be characterized as clever, savvy, or shrewd, indicating a combination of intelligence and practicality in their actions. Overall, these synonyms for enterprisingly all suggest a willingness to take risks and embrace new challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

How to use "Enterprisingly" in context?

Some of us love uncharted territory, others prefer familiar territory with a twist. But what about those in the middle? Those who are unexpectedly drawn to the unknown? These individuals have an enterprisingly spirit.

When you have an enterprisingly spirit, you go out of your way to explore new things, even if they seem daunting at first. You don't settle for the mundane, and you refuse to be limited by your own experience or understanding. You're open to new ideas, new experiences, and new ways of looking at the world.

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