What is another word for entrenches?

Pronunciation: [ɛntɹˈɛnt͡ʃɪz] (IPA)

Entrenches means to establish firmly and deeply, usually concerning an idea or belief. Other words that can be used as synonyms for entrenches include firmly establishes, ingrains, lodges, establishes deeply, roots, implants, establishes securely, enshrines, and fixates. These words depict the idea of something being firmly held and remaining unchanged. Entrenches is a term often used in discussing political beliefs or social norms. Synonyms for entrenches give a clearer understanding of the level of established power or influence present in a particular situation. It is important to identify and comprehend such synonyms to ensure effective communication and understanding of any subject.

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What are the hypernyms for Entrenches?

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Usage examples for Entrenches

It demands checks; it seeks for guards; it insists on securities; it entrenches itself behind strong defenses, and fortifies itself with all possible care against the assaults of ambition and passion.
Ross, Edmund G. (Edmund Gibson)
In the last resort, his pessimism entrenches itself behind the psychological proposition that every satisfaction is negative, being only the removal of a pain.
Thomas Whittaker
The Quarterly Reviewer entrenches himself within formidable-looking psychological outworks, and there is no getting at him without attacking them one by one.
"Critiques and Addresses"
Thomas Henry Huxley

Famous quotes with Entrenches

  • The British monarchy inculcates unthinking credulity and servility. It forms a heavy layer on the general encrustation of our unreformed political institutions. It is the gilded peg from which our unlovely system of social distinction and hierarchy depends. It is an obstacle to the objective public discussion of our own history. It tribalises politics. It entrenches the absurdity of the hereditary principle. It contributes to what sometimes looks like an enfeeblement of the national intelligence, drawing from our press and even from some of our poets the sort of degrading and abnegating propaganda that would arouse contempt if displayed in Zaire or Romania. It is, in short, neither dignified nor efficient.
    Christopher Hitchens

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