What is another word for ephemera?

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[ ɪfˈɛməɹə], [ ɪfˈɛməɹə], [ ɪ_f_ˈɛ_m_ə_ɹ_ə]

Ephemera usually refers to things that are short-lived or transitory in nature. This term can be associated with items such as flyers, posters, or tickets that are meant to be discarded after a certain period. Synonyms for ephemera include words like transience, evanescent, perishable, and fleeting. Other synonyms for ephemera are words like temporary, passing, momentary, and impermanent. These words all convey the sense that something is not meant to last, but rather to be experienced in a limited time frame. Overall, synonyms for ephemera add richness and variety to language and can help people better express the fleeting nature of the world around them.

How to use "Ephemera" in context?

Ephemera is a term used to describe any kind of physical evidence, such as a document, photograph, ticket, or advertisement. These objects are often discarded or lost after their initial use, but they can also be preserved and studied as a form of historical evidence. Ephemera can be a valuable source of information about culture, history, and social change.

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