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Equalizer is a term that is commonly used in music technology and refers to a device that helps modify the tonal balance of an audio signal. There are numerous synonyms for the term, with each term referring to a specific type or function of the equalizer. Some common terms that can be used as synonyms for equalizer include tone controls, audio filter, musical instrument digital interface, parametric equalizer, graphic equalizer, and preamp. Other possible synonyms can include equalization module, tone-shaping device, audio processor, sound modifier, and frequency equalizer. No matter what the specific synonym used, the purpose of the device will remain the same, which is to modify or equalize the sound frequencies of an audio signal as per requirement.

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    The equalizer is a musical instrument invented by Clifford Simon in the early 1970s. It was an electronic effects unit that was used to "equalize" audio between left and right channels, to make the sound more even. The Equalizer soon found use in popular music, as a way to make vocals and guitars sound more consistent.

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