What is another word for errancy?

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[ ˈɛɹənsi], [ ˈɛɹənsi], [ ˈɛ_ɹ_ə_n_s_i]

Errancy refers to the state of wandering, drifting, or being in error. There are several words that can be used as synonyms for errancy. One such word is waywardness, which describes a tendency to stray from the proper course or path. Another synonym is vagrancy, which suggests a state of homelessness or wandering without a fixed destination. Some other words that are often used as synonyms for errancy include deviance, aberrance, and delinquency. All of these terms share a sense of being outside the norm or deviating from what is expected or accepted by society.

How to use "Errancy" in context?

When people think about "errancy," they might think about scientific inaccuracies or misunderstood scientific theories. However, "errancy" can also refer to theological concepts and beliefs that depart from the biblical truth. In theological circles, "errancy" is often used to describe the idea that God can act outside of his perfect plan. This can lead to confusion and chaos, as we cannot always trust God to operate in the best interests of his people. While this may be "errant" in a technical sense, it is not necessarily untrue or harmful.

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