What is another word for ersatzes?

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[ ˈɜːsatsɪz], [ ˈɜːsatsɪz], [ ˈɜː_s_a_t_s_ɪ_z]

Ersatz is a German word meaning "replacement" or "substitute," and it is often used in English to describe a product or material that is used as a substitute for something else. Synonyms for ersatz include artificial, synthetic, fake, imitation, reproduction, and substitute. These words all suggest something that is not genuine or authentic, but is instead a copy or a substitute. For example, an ersatz leather jacket may be made from synthetic materials that look like leather, but do not have the same durability or texture. Similarly, an ersatz diamond may be a cheap imitation made from zirconia or glass, rather than a genuine diamond.

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    How to use "Ersatzes" in context?

    Erasers are pieces of paper that are used to erase mistakes on paper. They are also common instruments used in art and drawing. Erasers are made out of various materials, such as rubber, cloth, paper, or plastic.

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