What is another word for Escapable?

Pronunciation: [ɛskˈe͡ɪpəbə͡l] (IPA)

Escapable is a word that describes something that can be avoided. If you're looking for synonyms, words like avoidable, evitable, and preventable are great options. Avoidable describes something that can be stopped from happening, such as an accident or mistake. Evitable describes something that can be avoided with effort or foresight. Preventable describes something that can be stopped from happening by taking proactive steps. Other synonyms for escapable include circumventable, dodgeable, sidestep-able, and eludible. When choosing a synonym for escapable, consider the context of your sentence and choose a word that best fits the situation.

What are the opposite words for Escapable?

The antonyms for "escapable" are "inescapable" and "inescapably". These words suggest that the situation or circumstance cannot be avoided or evaded. Something is inescapable when it is absolutely certain to happen, and there is no way to change or escape from it. It could be a natural disaster, an unavoidable consequence, or a necessary obligation. Inescapably, in turn, refers to the fact that the event or condition is inevitable and impossible to avoid or evade. It implies that the consequences are far-reaching, and there is no way to escape or evade them. In contrast, escapable suggests that the situation can be avoided, and there is a chance to escape from it.

What are the antonyms for Escapable?

Usage examples for Escapable

Wrong must seem to him to be dependent upon the will of another, and its disagreeable consequences to be Escapable if only he can evade the will of that other.
"Study of Child Life"
Marion Foster Washburne
As if-she reflected, mutinously,-some fact that must on no account be looked at would emerge, un-Escapable, the moment he stopped.
"Mary Wollaston"
Henry Kitchell Webster

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