What is another word for esteems?

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Esteem is a word that means to hold someone or something in high regard or respect. Synonyms for esteem include admiration, appreciation, recognition, reverence, regard, and respect. Admiration suggests a strong feeling of liking and respect, while appreciation refers to the recognition and thankfulness for someone or something's value. In contrast, recognition refers to the acknowledgment of someone's effort or achievement, and reverence refers to the deep respect and admiration. Regard refers to the consideration for someone's worth, talent, or reputation, and respect suggests a feeling of deep admiration, regard, and consideration. Ultimately, these various synonyms for esteem allow us to appreciate, admire and recognize the people and things that we hold in high regard.

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How to use "Esteems" in context?

One of the best things about being human is that we are capable of feelings of admiration, love, respect and esteem. While each of these feelings has different connotations and can be felt in different ways, all of them share the common characteristic of being dependent on another person or thing. When we feel esteem for someone or something, we are drawn to them and admire them, maybe even feel a sense of protectiveness or admiration.

The ability to feel esteem is something that is extremely valuable, not only in personal relationships, but in all areas of our lives.

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