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Eutherian refers to a group of mammals that possess a placenta during pregnancy. Some synonyms for eutherian include placental, therian, and viviparous mammals. Placental mammals refer to those animals whose embryos develop inside a placenta, which nourishes them until birth. Similarly, therian refers to mammals that give birth to live young. Viviparous mammals refer to those animals that give birth to live young that have developed inside the mother's body, typically with a placenta. All of these terms describe the same class of animals, but they offer different ways to describe the defining characteristic of this group of mammals.

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Eutherian is the most recent classification of placental mammals. The group includes all marsupials, monotremes, placental mammals that have a placenta and have childbirth by live birth (i.e. not via cesarean section). Among these, eutherian mammals include the world's four extant main groups of placentals: catarrhine (beavers, otters, muskrats, etc.), simian (monkeys, apes, humans), cetacean (whales, dolphins, porpoises), and pinniped (seals, sea lions).

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