What is another word for evaporable?

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[ ɪvˈapəɹəbə͡l], [ ɪvˈapəɹəbə‍l], [ ɪ_v_ˈa_p_ə_ɹ_ə_b_əl]

Synonyms for Evaporable:

How to use "Evaporable" in context?

Evaporable describes something that can be evaporated, such as a liquid, gas, or solid. In layman's terms, evaporable means that the substance can be vaporized and left behind as a gas or a vapor. There are many instances where evaporable substances are a part of everyday life. For example, we use water to evaporate coffee and tea. We also use evaporable substances to dry clothes and cool the air. Evaporable substances can also be dangerous. For example, when we use flashlights, we are using evaporable substances to produce light. However, evaporable substances can also be helpful.

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