What is another word for ex officio?

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Ex officio is a Latin phrase that means "by virtue of one's office or position." However, there are several synonyms for ex officio that can be used in specific contexts. For instance, "automatically," "inherently," or "naturally" are viable synonyms when describing something that is an inherent part of a position. A person who is "mandated" or "required" to do something because of their role can be described using "ex officio." "Officially," "formally," or "legally" can be used when referring to actions that are performed by government officials or representatives. These synonyms enhance the vst occassions where ex officio may sound too formal or outdated.

How to use "Ex officio" in context?

"ex officio" means "by virtue of office".

A person is ex officio a member of a particular organization or group if they hold a particular office or position in that organization or group. This term is used in law, government, and business.

For example, the chairman of a company's board of directors is ex officio the company's president. The secretary of state is ex officio the governor of a state. A judge is ex officio a member of the bar association.

An ex officio member is not automatically eligible to vote or hold office. The person must actively seek election or appointment to the position.

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