What is another word for examine?

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Examine is a versatile term that can be used in various contexts. However, sometimes it can become repetitive. Having several synonyms for examining will allow writers to express their thoughts more creatively. Some alternatives for examining are scrutinize, investigate, inspect, study, probe, survey, peruse, delve into, run over, sift, diagnose, explore, and analyze. Each of these words implies a different method of examination, which can help add meaning and depth to a writer's work. In conclusion, it is essential to have a diverse range of synonyms for examining to improve the clarity, quality, and effectiveness of writing.

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How to use "Examine" in context?

Examine - verb 1. to look carefully at (something), especially as a means of learning or understanding; study: examine the map. 2. to test the quality, strength, or purity of (something) by various methods. 3. to regard with suspicion or hostility. 4. to consider (someone or something) as worthy of consideration or respect. 5. ( Latin : considerare ) to reflect on (something) with thorough consideration.

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