What is another word for examine?

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[ ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈa_m_ɪ_n], [ ɛɡzˈamɪn], [ ɛɡzˈamɪn]

Synonyms for Examine:

analyze (verb) examine (verb) question (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Examine:

  1. salmon, gammon, amman, famine;
  2. reexamine, alabaman;

Quotes for Examine:

  1. Mr. Speaker, the Delaware River deepening project is important for my constituents, for our region and for the entire nation. I trust that, when they examine the facts about it, every one of my colleagues will join me in supporting it. Robert A. Brady.
  2. However, if we examine the Canadian scene closely enough, we can see signs of this physical and spiritual rot settling into a number of our Canadian urban centres with a troubling spill -over into many of our more rural areas. Alex Campbell.
  3. The Architect is just one of a series of works which examine the confrontation of innocence and experience, illustrating the complex ethics of power that exist between reader and writer, critic and artist, the human and the divine. John Scott.

Idioms of Examine:

  1. examine sm or sth for sth;
  2. examine sm in sth;
  3. examine sm on sth;