What is another word for exchequers?

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Exchequer is a word mainly used in the political and financial realms to describe the treasury or the national financial establishment. However, there are various other terms that can be used as synonyms for this term such as treasury, finance department, fiscal system, revenue office, accounting department, budget organization, financial administration, etc. All these words convey the same meaning as exchequer and are used interchangeably depending on the context of the situation. Exchequer has a historical background and is aptly used in the UK while other synonyms, for example, financial administration, are often used for a general and broader context.

How to use "Exchequers" in context?

The word "exchequer" comes from the Old French word "exechiquier," which is derived from the Latin word "exchequerum," meaning an "office of the treasury." The modern meaning of the word is "a clerk in charge of finances" or "the treasury department of a government." The chequers, or dies of the Exchequer, were originally used to record debits and credits, as well as fiscal and judicial matters. The modern Treasury Department, which administers the U.S. federal government's finances, is often referred to as an "exchequer.

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