What is another word for excursive?

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[ ɛkskˈɜːsɪv], [ ɛkskˈɜːsɪv], [ ɛ_k_s_k_ˈɜː_s_ɪ_v]

Excursive is a word that describes something that tends to stray from the main topic or idea. Synonyms for excursive include digressive, rambling, meandering, wandering, tangential, and sidetracking. Digressive refers to a discourse that departs from the main theme or subject. Rambling describes speech or writing that is lengthy and unfocused. Meandering is used to refer to something that follows a winding course. Wandering refers to an aimless movement or making a detour from the main topic. Tangential is used to describe something that is indirectly related to the topic at hand. Sidetracking refers to diverting attention from the main issue or objective.

Synonyms for Excursive:

How to use "Excursive" in context?

The word "excursive" bears a lot of weight, and rightfully so. It is a word often used to describe exceedingly creative and innovative thinkers, in both the arts and sciences. But what does "excursive" actually mean? Webster's dictionary defines it as follows: "excessive, as in pattern, making repeated and evidently purposeful references to one's own work."

This definition is a good starting point, as it highlights the key qualities that make excursive thinkers so special.

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